It’s about time Spotify and Depop had a love child

With a love for music and fashion, I deemed it only right to have these 2 worlds collide. Call me the matchmaker of the century.

The result? 3 different playlists, 2 outfits per playlist: all based on a playlist’s overall mood and style connotation. And all very much curated by your fav blogger herself.

Modern Muse

Your teenage daughter called and she’s wondering if you kept those rainbow hair clips from when she was a kid?

With an affinity for pastel pops of color and anything striped, this look is Brandy Melville basic meets art school chic.

Throw on your go-to chunky sneakers and your mom’s acid wash jeans from the ’80s and you’re good to go. Better yet, steal something from your dad’s closet too and slip on some of his retro crew socks.

Alt. Girl Winter

Your dream girl just thrifted a graphic tee of a band she’s never heard of before and only wears Doc Martens. It’s Alt. Girl Winter, she’s your dream girl.

After all, hot girl summer walked, so alt. girl winter could run.

With a passion for plaid bottoms and boxy silhouettes, this look screams “It’s not a phase, mom.”

Top your outfit off with some distressed denim and a beanie to ensure lowkey skater girl vibes (you and I are both cringing at my use of the word vibes, let’s forget it ever happened).

Free Spirit Femme

*cue Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey*

Oh hi, it’s just your rural-girl-living-in-a-boho-world here. She took her hair scarf going anyyyywwhhheerrrre.

A hippie in a farmer’s market, a look of earth tones & scarlet.

She goes on and on and on and on (about the importance of supporting local businesses and consuming fresh produce and promoting sustainability within your community).

This little look captures the innocent style of a farm girl while maintaining an air of femininity.

Pair some lightweight trousers with a sweater before layering a vintage button-down blouse to tie it all together. Slip on your fav brown booties and you have yourself an outfit that’ll be serving all the coffee shop/cafe looks.

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